We have all been in this situations at some point in the life, when builders have just finished their job and left our home the complete and ultimate major mess and in a serious need of in-depth house cleaning and even worse – carpet cleaning for example. Well, where to start? You know where to start from, start by calling our professional, vetted and very dedicated after builders cleaning team in Harpenden!

For the longest time we have worked, performed and enjoyed being in the cleaning branch, a few decades of unwinding and improving our potential to clean to sparkle and even completely transform every dirty, messy and cluttered space. No matter if it comes to domestic or business, one-off cleaning or regular routine – we are your best choice! However, although we have managed to build a very enviable reputation, which is based on a lot of positive customer feedback, happy and pleased clients and more, we have noticed that something is just not enough. And here we talk not simply not enough for our company, but in a global plan.

Top quality cleaning and excellent results

Through the years we have visited thousands of households and commercial properties, offering and delivering highest quality and putting big smiles on the faces of our clients, however we have come to this conclusion, that there is not a single cleaning service to fully meet and answer the needs of our customers that have just been through an intensive restoration, re-decoration and refurbishment project in Harpenden and are very considered about how they will bring the property back to its initial good condition and look. And we have made it, we developed and improved a service for this situation, we have designed a service to meet all the requirements of our clients, we have created our after builders cleaning service and for already years we practice it very successfully and make dozens of clients every year happy, so they can enjoy their renovated property without dealing with the intensive cleaning tasks!

100% best cleaning services, products and machines

We always love to say that we tailor our after builders cleaning services to the individual needs and preferences of our Harpenden clients and in fact, they are! However, we believe that the best results are achieved following this very detailed, however, performed in a very timely manner routine:

  • Removing all the debris and industrial dust that are left by the builders;
  • In-depth cleaning of hard floors, skirting boards and carpets, in order to remove all he dirt build-up, stubborn stains like paint splashes, for example, and also the in-depth trapped dust, allergens, bacteria;
  • Professionally dusting and washing all windows, window frames, sills from the leftover debris and dust;
  • Dusting and washing all wainscoting, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets;
  • Spot clean walls and ceiling;
  • Our methods and systems cover also all areas in the property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, basements, conservatories and more;
  • De-lime and de-scale bathroom and kitchen tiles, polishing all the surfaces;
  • Sanitising sinks, bathtubs, shows, toiles and other bathroom fixtures;
  • Dusting, washing and mopping of stairs.

Our mission is to ensure you live in a healthy and safe property in Harpenden. Call us and let’s discuss our after builders cleaning service!