Everybody is enthusiastic about spring cleaning! Or maybe not? If you are one of those people procrastinating spring cleaning until… well, until it is no more springtime… and if you are only scrolling through online, searching for inspiration and reading countless spring cleaning inspired articles, then you are most probably not ready to start with it yet. Don’t forget that spring cleaning is called that way only because it is determined by the beginning of a new season that is associated with a new beginning and getting better versions of ourselves, it is all about being inspired and motivated. However, if you don’t feel motivated yet, don’t feel guilty because of all the limits set, because there are no limits really, when it comes to general, seasonal cleaning.

Do it whenever you feel ready and energetic, do it whenever you have time. And if you are simply in need of a bit more motivation – have a look at this article and we hope that we can help you a bit. So, here are 10 things to do before starting with spring cleaning, if you are not an early bird when it comes to seasonal house cleaning, thorough one-off cleaning and even after-builders cleaning (because springtime is a perfect time for home improvement and renovations too). 10 things to set you in the right mood for all the tasks and chores waiting for you this season!

This year approach spring cleaning differently for even better results!

  • Make a cup of your favourite tea or coffee drink. Something that requires you to sit down in relaxation and sip in a peace of mind. Prepare your inner self for the upcoming processes and everything that has to be done. Be sure to start the process in a relaxed set of mind, don’t start it all stressed out.
  • Make a list. Lists are really helpful and there is a big pleasure in checking task after task off your list. Lists also give you the perfect organisation of your thoughts, ideas and projects that are really useful when you start the cleaning process. You simply avoid wandering around and wondering where to start with.
  • Feel the rush of productivity adrenaline. If you don’t feel doing something particular that day, then leave it for another day. Spring cleaning is not a marathon after all.
  • Now, time to examine and correct your own list. Cross off all the tasks you have written down, but you don’t feel like really important. The idea of the whole thing is doing only what will make you happy and make you enjoy the comfort of your home, you are not cleaning and tidying up for the others!
  • While you are on your list, cross off everything that you are sure you wouldn’t be able to do on your own and you need some extra help (professional help). You don’t have the time, skills, tools, or it is not a priority right now? This is completely ok, cross it off.
  • Remove anything that has a poor return on investment. Sorting your child’s toys? What is the point?
  • Pick three things that really stress you out on a daily basis and start with them. As they say in France – eat the frog in the morning. No, no need to eat a frog, simply start with the hardest tasks.
  • Figure out to complete these three tasks the easiest way.
  • Open windows! Fresh air is a necessity to spring-clean your mind!
  • Don’t have high expectations. Don’t have expectations at all! After all, you are just a human being and you have so much more to do outside this spring cleaning plan.