Ah, the teenage years – a true hell for the teenager and for his parents too! In fact, teenagers are known to be a little bit… ok, they have a lot of… edginess, let’s say. Teenagers do what they want and even if they want it, they do it just because it is the opposite of what parents tell them to do. Well, we have all been there, right? In addition, teenagers are a bit, or very messy, we guess this is a sign of them being rebellious. However, whatever their point is, we don’t tolerate the mess and dirtiness at home, right? House cleaning is enough hard and complex by itself and we don’t need a human being messing up with all the household rules, no matter if it is our child, or not! Still, it is a delicate age gap that we all beg to survive as soon as possible and because of that we have to be very delicate in the way we state the household rules and set them.

And then again, who should clean the teen’s bedroom? The teen himself? Then the wait will be epic! The parents? Well, are you allowed to even get close to the teen’s habitat?! Yes, the rules in this situation are often set by the teenager and there is often not winning situation. Let’s have a closer look!

Mess or Hygiene

Pick your battles as a parent! There is a significant difference between piles of laundry and dirty clothes that are left… well, in every corner of the bedroom as well as on the bed, on the computer chair and… you get the idea and food that is left in there for, who knows for how long! In the first case, we have a case of the good old mess. The second scenario – well, we talk about hygiene and the lack of hygiene here and this can get serious and even a health-related problem at some point. If you can get along with the mess, then your main battle is against the lack of hygiene, which is already very important. After all, you are both going to learn something crucial along the way.

Public or Private

Does your teenager possess a full reign over his bedroom? Then you have a serious case to deal with! You know, teen’s bedroom falls under their own rules and standards and it is often very hard to beat that. And should you, after all? Of course, the teenage is a delicate moment in the life of young adults and making sure they have enough freedom and independence to feel good and comfortable is very important. On the other hand and due to a number of reasons, too much freedom and independence can be a bad thing at some point and don’t make a favour to your teenager learning crucial cleaning and hygiene habits. After all, your teenager is sharing a lot of space with everyone in the house and they also visit public spaces, so owning these cleaning and hygiene habits is very important.

Offering or demanding

Pick the boundaries and limits you want to set – do you want to offer cleaning help to your child, or you want to be categorical and unconditional? Or find the balance between these two roles. For example, you may set a day for doing laundry and tell your teenager that if it misses this day without having a real reason, then he/she won’t have clean clothes for the rest of the week. Allow them independence, but be clear with your own rules too.