Well, we know that really hot weather is not exactly around the corner and we have to wait a bit for that to happen and for temperatures to go their maximum during the Summer months, but still, when the weather gets hotter (and this will happen soon or later), most of us are really likely to lose their cleaning motivation. Well, summer doesn’t automatically mean that all your cleaning duties and tasks around the house or even office cleaning are forgiven. You still have to move your sweaty and lazy body and mind that daydreams of palm trees and golden beaches and challenge all the everyday and boring chores. In order to make the whole process a bit easier and not that of a struggle, we will try to help you keep up your motivation with a few simple pieces of advice. Have a look at our recommendations below!

Although Summer in England is just one day long, as many people like to make fun of it, we all still need a bit of motivation to keep on with all boring and especially exhausting house cleaning tasks while the weather outside is hot and humid. Especially when we dream of holidays, travelling and new and exciting destinations to discover if we have to spend the days at home, especially if you have kids because it is their holiday season too.

Be an early bird… or a late one

Needless to say, but cleaning the house in the middle of the day is a real struggle because the daily temperatures are at their highest. If you want to skip the struggle, then be sure to deal with all the chores early in the morning, or late in the evening, when the temperatures go naturally down for a while. Take advantage of the cooler weather and get your chores done early. That way you can also enjoy your day later and soak up as much sun rays as possible. Schedule your house cleaning for later in the evening, if you want to sleep in and relax during the day. Still, be sure it is not that late, otherwise, you may disturb your neighbours.

Additional motivation

You are still going to need some additional motivation to tackle the household chores in the morning, or in the evening. How to overcome the laziness? It is simple, make sure to turn the cleaning process into something that is slightly more pleasant. Play your favourite music to set you in the right mood, sip on your favourite caffeine beverage for more energy, etc.

Include the kinds

Yes, it is their summer holiday too, but this doesn’t mean that they have to spend the whole day in front of the television or another video game. The best way to make the kids help you is turning the whole thing into a game. You will be surprised at how dedicated kids can be when they take some responsibilities. However, be sure not to give them too big or too many responsibilities, rather set some realistic goals and see how the job is done.

If you still do not feel motivated and inspired to hop on the cleaning wagon, then remember one thing – lack of cleaning leads to a dirty house and a dirty house can be dangerous at some point. Allergens and bacteria build-ups are not good for your health. The heat and humidity are also not a helpful friend right now, because they are the perfect conditions for bacteria and mould to conquest the confines of your house.