Well, accidents happen and it’s no one fault (or at least we all like to think so, because of that we call them accidents and not seconds of inattention). What to do instead of painting the town red, you accidentally paint your wooden floor or a piece of wooden furniture with your favourite red nail varnish? What to do in order to remove that stain that will otherwise sit there to the end of the world and make you feel guilty? Here is what to do!

Our truly expert recommendations is always having rubbing alcohol for such situations and accidents at home (no, not the sip for relaxing your nerves and reducing the panic, but for treating the stain, you can drink a glass of wine later on, when you have accomplished a full nail polish stain destroying). Here is what exactly to do in order to save your wooden floor or wooden furniture pieces from looking like a picture of Picasso:

  • Because of the characteristics and specifics of the wooden material, wood may never fully release the colour (wood has a porous structure and some wood species are more porous than others, which mean that they absorb a lot easier and quicker). Remember that, so next time you are painting your nails you would stay away from wooden surfaces (and carpets too). Understand what you are dealing with, so you can deal with it the most appropriate way.
  • If the nail polish is still wet when you notice the spill, then you are lucky! Apply even pressure to the stain using paper towels or cotton swabs to remove the excess and in case it is needed, make small swipes to bring it up, but never rub intensively and be gentle!
  • Rubbing alcohol is a relatively good idea for removing nail polish from wood surfaces, but the end result depends on how gentle you are. Use a clean and soft cloth and go in the direction of the grain (or at least try to). Be gentle and don’t use pressure, neither rubbing intensively.
  • In case it happens you to have 0000-grade steel wool lying around (like come one, who doesn’t have this at home, right?!) you can be able to gently blot and buff the stain away without using rubbing alcohol that may cause discolouration and other damages.
  • If it happens to cause some slight discolouration, then you may try to find a wood touch-up product in the same colour in your local hardware store and spot treat the area.
  • When it comes to gel nail polish, rubbing alcohol is once again your best friend. Soak a piece of cloth or a sponge and set on the stain. Then lightly scrub it after a few minutes.
  • Whatever you do, simply don’t use a nail polish remover, because it will most probably harm the wood, cause damage and remove the finish along with the unwanted nail polish colour.
  • Finally, if the stain is way too big, or on a valuable wooden piece, be sure to look for professional help immediately. A professional hard floor cleaning service can save your wooden floor or furniture piece! Otherwise, with freshly applied nail polish it is pretty hard to deal with all the everyday cleaning tasks, so you may consider hiring a professional house cleaning service too!