How to clean a home? This is a question we often get. Although house cleaning doesn’t look to be a rocket science at first, in fact it could be very challenging at some points. Having a great-working and successful system and a time-proven cleaning routine is the only key that opens the door to a world on flawless-looking and well-maintained home for less time and on the cost of less energy, money and nerves. A sparkling clean and well-sanitised home is a dream of many people and the professionals can always share with you a few simple and easy-to-follow tips on how to make the whole maintenance and cleaning process easier and timelier… and way more effective, of course, so you can enjoy perfect results anytime, all the time!

Our cleaning tips are specially designed for all of you that don’t particularly enjoy the cleaning process, but enjoy the final results a lot! All of you that find the cleaning process pretty stressful and overwhelming – here is how to conquer and beat mess, clutter, dirt and chaos at home, without spending hours and hours in swiping, washing, vacuuming and rinsing every day to the rest of your life! Our effective and smart tips and tricks will help you have a better-working routine that will save you time and energy and guarantee the impressive final results you are lusting over!

A bit of motivation for how to keep the house look tidy:

  • Don’t let the chores sit for later, do not procrastinate. Believe us, when “later” and “after 10 minutes” time come, things won’t look easier, for sure. In addition, don’t wait for any kind of wonder that all the tasks and duties will disappear just like that. Playing the not responsible role in front all the household issues won’t make them go away and find another more responsible human being. They will simply sit there and accumulate in a big pile, and then a bigger one, and then even bigger to the point that dealing with all of them is a real nightmare. A mess is much easier to clean when it happens.
  • You are overestimating your household duties. Clean as you go and you will be surprised how many things require significantly less time than you expect them to require. In fact, we always like to think that the process of moaning about how much should be done is at least twice longer than the process of doing things! Take baby steps and don’t expect that everything will happen overnight. This is why it is called a routine – it requires consistency, patience and, of course, perfect organisation.
  • Challenge yourself by setting the timer for a quick clean! Believe us, most of the things you are too focused on actually don’t need that much time and energy. Set the timer for 15 minutes daily for a certain area of the house, or 15 minutes a room at the weekends.
  • Engage the kids in the process. Involve them in a cleaning game and they will be more than happy to help. In addition, younger ones actually enjoy feeling reliable and that way you teach them to have responsibilities and finding solutions to different types of issues – two very important life lessons!
  • Multitasking – tidy up while you are on the phone while watching TV while waiting for the dinner to be ready…