When it comes to us girls, most of us are crazy about makeup. There is something special about buying that next neutral eyeshadow palette that will be probably the 30th of its kind in your makeup storage drawer, but we get never tired of it. And since buying and having makeup is more like building a collection of products that make us happy by simply looking at them and not that much about buying simply the products we actually need and use on a daily base (this means that a medium toiletry bag full of products will do the trick for at least a couple of years), today we provide all the crazy about makeup and cosmetics girls with helpful tips and tricks on how makeup has to be stored in order not to get expired, how to clean your makeup storage system and how to organise it in order to prevent all those hectic mornings of getting ready and wandering around the house looking for your favourite concealer. Let’s get started!

First things first, when collecting makeup products, one or two toiletry or makeup bags won’t be enough to store all your items, that can be said for sure and all the girls out there understand the struggle very well. So you have to come up with a good storage system in order to keep all your possessions neat, tidy and clean. When it comes to cosmetics and makeup - as far away from direct sun and humidity, as good! Makeup is definitely not made to be stored in your bedroom vanity, since the steam that is created every time you take a shower or a bath will make your favourite lipsticks, foundation and powders expire quicker, or get damaged and full of bacteria (you know that mould and bacteria live their happiest live in moisture and humidity spots). Arranging your favourite perfumes and makeup products next to a big window is not a good idea too since direct sunlight will quickly make them bad for usage.

It is a time-proven fact that having a good and spacious enough drawer storage system for your makeup, cosmetics and hair accessories and tools is the best way to store them away from the sun and humidity and also away from the eyes, otherwise all these can make your room look extra cluttered. However, even the best drawer storage system is nothing without a few drawer dividers and containers. We recommend you to consider the dividing systems that are available at most home department stores, since they are extra cheap, but they are great at helping you organise your makeup in categories and colour-coordinated. Another great idea is plastic transparent organisers that will keep all your things in one place, but they will make it easy for you to see what you have and use it. Easy access is the key to using all your makeup before it gets expired.

When it comes to makeup brushes – do not leave them out there on the top of your desk or makeup vanity, because they will get extra dusty within a few minutes and as you know – dusty brushes are not good for applying products on your face since they can irritate the skin. Keep all your brushes in makeup bags or containers, away from dust and allergens and do not forget to wash them regularly with a baby shampoo – the brushes that are used for applying wet products like concealer and foundation have to be washed every other day, while the brushes for powder products can be washed once a week.