Maintaining your home clean is very important not only for its appearance and comfort but also for your health. In fact, the cleaner your home is, the healthier your body will be. Considering the fact how much of your time you spend indoors, the indoor environment and how it is maintained is very important. Simply look around your house and only for a minute you will be able to count at least ten nooks and corners that are very good at attracting and holding on dirt, dust and debris. And where there are dirt and dust, there are also germs, allergens and bacteria, which, as you know, are simply bad for your health and overall condition.

No one likes to be sick and in order to defend your home from germs and bacteria you have to be prepared for a good and regular house cleaning. No matter if you are going to do this by yourself, you are hiring a one-off cleaning service, or a regular service delivered by experienced professionals, the conditions at your house have to be your priority, if you want to make your life a bit healthier and happier. Some of the most common allergies and skin and respiratory conditions are provoked exactly because of the dust and allergens accumulated at your place and it is a necessity to make sure your place is sanitised and disinfected regularly. In addition, usage of too much cleaning products or too harsh chemicals is also not a healthy option, so you have to be able to find the balance.

When we or someone from our family is suffering from flu or cold, keeping the house even cleaner is mandatory if you want to stop the virus and bacteria spread around the house. Here are some ways to maintain a clean indoor environment, when someone at home is sick:

Change the sheets

When you are sick, your bedroom becomes a home of a number of germs and bacteria. Because of that, all the sheets, blankets and pillowcases have to be changed regularly in order to make sure no germs and viruses are making it out alive.

Replace your old toothbrushes

Buy yourself some new toothbrushes. Do not even bother trying to clean them, simply change them.

Sanitise door knobs

Do you know that if there was a competition for a germ hot spot at your house, your door knobs will most definitely win the race? Doorknobs are used all day long by the sick and healthy people at home and the change for the germs to spread around the place is close to full success.

Scrub the bathroom

Bathroom is already a hot spot for germs and when someone at home is suffering flu (especially stomach flu), then the bathroom has to be cleaned daily and thoroughly to ensure those germs are not making their way out.

Wash clothing

Do not forget to wash all the clothes you were wearing while sick. Add all the towels, sheets, rags and anything you used during the period because these are most probably still not recovered by the nasty germs and they need a good wash.

Clean refrigerator and microwave handles

Scrub these handles down to make sure all the germs and bacteria are gone.

Clean the vacuum filter

Last one and your house should be germ-free! The best thing to do after you or someone at home is recovering from flu is vacuuming the entire house. After vacuuming the house, be sure to remove the filter and clean it too, because now all the remaining germs are hiding in there.