Besides the fact that everyone enjoys a sparkling clean and sanitised house, anyone would enjoy a good-smelling house. No matter if you are a fan of the classic season scents like warm fragrances for colder days and fresh aroma, when it is hot outside, no matter what kind of smell person you are, if you like sweet, oriental, or more airy and clean scents, you are most probably going to enjoy your house smelling like your favourite scent. There are many ways to make your house smell good. Some people use scented candles, which by the way are not that eco-friendly option is made from wax and not from soy. However, soy candles are not that cheap and scented candles, in general, last for not that long.

Another highly popular option are the scented room sprays. You probably do not know that, but aerosols can be pretty dangerous for your health. Normally room scents and sprays contain heavy chemical and toxic ingredients that quickly increase the already highly dangerous levels in the indoor air because of frequent use of toxic cleaning products even more. Some of the last international reports note that most of the popular home fragrances can be really bad for your health, especially during the colder months, when the amount of natural ventilation at home, or at the office is really reduced because we are not opening our windows for fresh air to come in. Some of the toxins and chemicals in scented products hide dangerously high risks for our health, often being a reason for allergies, skin, eye and respiratory irritations and a big number of conditions and issues. Some ingredients used are also known for being cancerogens and if long-term used they can be highly dangerous. Another bad feature of scented sprays is the aerosol form they come in. Aerosols create tiny particles and drops that are more easily penetrating our body through skin absorption and easily inhaled.

So, what other choices we have to make our home smell great without putting the whole family at risk? You already have everything you need at your house and with a bit more imagination you have particularly thousands of options for any taste! Here are a few ideas:

  • Spices and herbs don’t only add a mouth-watering scent to any dish and dessert, they also can make your house smell amazing. With colder days coming up you can set your home in the right Christmas mood by adding a handful of clover, cinnamon and orange slices in boiling water and leave it then on low heat.
  • Next time you are peeling an orange or tangerine, save the skin. If you have a fireplace, throw the orange and tangerine skin into the fire and enjoy a mix of sugar and spice and everything nice.
  • Speaking of desserts and sugar, here is the best idea we came up with – bake some chocolate chip cookies. These will make your entire house smell amazing and who doesn’t love a cookie… or two, or three…
  • If you are a fan of really fresh and revitalising scents, then slice a few lemons and place them around the house.
  • Essential and natural oils are amazing. They are completely natural, they come in a great variety of scents, from fresh tangerine to sensual jasmine and macadamia and they are also great for aromatherapy. You have many options to use them, you can even make your own home-made candles, or place a few drops in a lamp warmer.
  • Are you a fan of tea? You can not only sip your favourite mint, jasmine and rose tea, but also use it for deodorising your house. Buy loose tea, place a handful in a few little bows and place them around the house.

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