Each and every parent wants the best for his child. The best education, health and lifestyle. Hands down, parents are the people that care the most for their children and they give and make everything they can to provide their children with everything the best and to protect them as much as they can. However, somewhere there, among all the huge ambitions and all the struggle of ensuring the best for our children, we somehow forget the basics. That is right, anything good for our little ones starts with the environment of our home. And we are not talking about your responsibilities as a parent to create a human being that can go successfully through life, although the family nest is where little ones learn about responsibilities and good habits for the first time. We are talking about the real basics, as simple as that – ensuring a clean, healthy and safe home for our children. And it doesn’t take too much.

First things first, let us say that there is no room at home that doesn’t have to be your priority when it comes to cleaning. Think of your home as a whole organism and this organism needs every part of it to work properly, so it can function right in general. Because of that regular kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cleaning is as important as regular cleaning of your children’s room or rooms. House cleaning in general is what ensures a healthy and safe home for everyone in the family. With that being said and as much as we are all about regular maintenance, with springtime around the corner you have the perfect opportunity to gather your enthusiasm and tools for a good, even strict and in-depth seasonal one-off cleaning. This would include more than dusting and vacuuming on a daily basis, maybe carpet and upholstery cleaning if needed, maybe even more!

But let’s stick to the topic of this article and provide you with a short and effective step-by-step guide to the basics of children’s bedroom cleaning.

  • Start with simple things. We understand that your working week may be a bit too hectic and your weekends chaotic, because of that making baby steps each day may be the best solution. First things first, make sure you remove all the dust accumulated throughout the week and there is no nook or corner overlooked. Getting rid of dust is very important because you also get rid of allergens, bacteria and everything that may provoke allergies and irritations.
  • A healthy indoor environment is determined mostly by the bathrooms. With springtime comes the risk of mould and mildew growth and the bathroom is the perfect environment for these to grow. Use products that are designed not only to kill mould but also prevent it from growing back again because mould is toxic and dangerous! In addition, ensure good ventilation in your children’s bathroom and make sure it dries well every time after usage.
  • Vacuum daily, always after you dust around the room.
  • Place a bottle of hand sanitiser and encourage your kid to use it regularly and mandatory after using the bathroom.
  • Take your time to sanitise and clean all toys and little nicks and nocks around the room.