“How much does professional cleaning service cost?”, “How often should I have the professional cleaners visit my home/office?”, “What can I expect to get when having my house/office/carpet professionally cleaned and treated?”- these are some of the frequently asked questions most of the professional agencies get and it is easy to see why. The commitment to a regular house or office cleaning can be a bit intimidating… or a lot of intimidating. After all, no one would like to blow his hard-earned money on something that doesn’t have value, or at least not the value expected. Of course, when considering to invest your money into something, you want to get something valuable for your money, so when investing in a service, you want to get what you can get. But what do you have to get, actually? As experts with a lot of experience, in today’s article we decided to break it down for you and solve one of the big mysteries out there – how much should a professional house or office cleaning service cost?

Let us start with the main thing to be aware of – as much as not every house is the same as the others, the same can be said for the professional cleaning services. Of course, there are main standards (and regulations) in the branch as well as individual standards and regulations in the policy of each agency and company. However, cleaning is a job that is delivered by people and people are different. On the other hand, we have the different types of cleaning that are offered out there on the market – seasonal, one-off, thorough or more quick, etc., as well as we have so many different sorts of properties with their sizes, dimensions and individual requirements. With that being said, every company should tailor the services offered to the standards in the branch and at the same time to the requirements, needs and desires of the clients. There are many things cleaning specialists and employee have to be aware of and all of them have to be considered, before undertaking a cleaning business.

Since any company or cleaning employee would tailor their services to the individuality of the project and the requirements, the same comes with the price – the pricing always depends on the job required. It may depend on the amount of the job, or, as it is usual, on the amount of time for doing the job. Pricing also varies depending on geographical location, the size of the property, number of rooms cleaned, condition of the property, frequency of leaning scheduled, etc. Keep in mind that initial cleaning and one-off cleaning tends to be always a bit more expensive because the cleaning team will work extra hard to bring your home up to the standards set in the company. However, for a most accurate estimate, you should contact your local agency and simply ask for it – most of the companies will offer a free and no-obligation quote.

What exactly do you get when you pay for professional service? We believe that you get the idea and that you will understand that this question can be answered only one way – it all depends on the individual characteristics of your property as well as on your personal desires, requirements and needs. However, a reliable and experienced cleaning agency will offer a service that will whip your home into top shape. The experts are usually trained in each task and know how to do it properly, so it won’t hurt you to point them specific areas you would enjoy extra clean, or that are problematic for you anyway. The truth is that a strategic and methodical approach is the best you can do and if you feel ok with what you get, if you are happy and don’t feel guilty for spending your money, then you have done a good choice, don’t think too hard!