At Cleaner Online we have spent years of research and improvement so we can be capable of helping not only the residents but also the professionals. We recognise the requirements and needs of the real estate branch and know how important the clean and tidy setting and environment is in order to find a buyer or renter of the property faster and easier. Because let’s be honest, no matter how much there is invested in the property, no matter how well it is decorated and how expensive the designer furniture pieces are if it is messy, cluttered and so, it won’t create a positive and lasting first impression. A big selling point for every property is the way it is presented and if it is sparkling clean, fresh-looking, inviting and cosy, this is the best way to sell it, or to find people to rent it in a flash! And with the busy schedule and dynamic working week estate agents and landlords have, finding a reliable and experienced company to offer professional and very qualified cleaning services for landlords and estate agents, it is pretty rare and hard! But there is no place for worries because Cleaner Online is in Harpenden to help you with the intensive work!

Life is busy – choose a professional cleaning service

The way professional office cleaning is important for many business owners, the same goes with services for estate agents because a clean property is the fascinating workplace of an estate agent. You can cross finding cleaning service for landlords and estate agents from your to-do list because you have already found your best option in Harpenden and it is our company! Now, what makes us better than the other companies in the area? We have the experience, we have the qualifications, we have the knowledge and we have the respect for the individual needs and requirements of every project we undertake, of every client we work with. We can balance timescales and budgets like a pro, so we can ensure you that we will finish every time and not break the bank, working at very reasonable and affordable prices. We are also very independent and our knowledge and experience allow us to know exactly what every project needs. However, if there are areas and spots you are the most concerned about, we would gladly discuss with you and then make everything the way you want and prefer it.

The best cleaning solutions in your area

Our flawless training allows us to approach every piece and surface of the property the proper way adding great upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning practices to the whole mix. That way we can guarantee not only very effective and timely cleaning system and methods, but also a long-lasting sanitising and additional protection, a refreshed and improved look and also the proper way to clean every area, without damaging, causing discolouration, scratches and more. We are true professionals and want every aspect of our cleaning services for landlords and estate agents to reflect our professionalism, so we invest a lot on training, highest quality equipment and products, so we can meet all your expectations and requirements! Be sure to get in touch with us on 020 3696 9499, or simply leave us a message on and we will respond to you as soon as possible!