Our one-off cleaning service is dedicated to all Harpenden clients, who require a thorough top to bottom house clean, however they don’t have the time, energy and enthusiasm to deal with all the intensive tasks and can’t fit this duty to their busy schedules like even no time for hiring a house cleaning service. Of course, a clean and tidy house is everyone’s desire, however, with the dynamic and busy working life many of us are used to, cleaning and sanitising is not amongst the top priorities of our to-do lists (and we are not even mentioning more intensive practices like carpet cleaning). At Cleaner Online we understand that very well and our mission is to help everyone out there to enjoy a spotless, flawless-looking and also very healthy and safe environment at home when they don’t have the time to do this by themselves. If you are Harpenden based and you dream of this amazing polished and cosy house you see on the interior magazine pages, be sure to get in touch with us, because we can transform every messy and cluttered space into an enjoyable setting for you and your family to relax and spend quality time at.

Best quality one-time cleaning on a great price

Why one-off cleaning service? Because it is effective and offers long-lasting results in almost no time! Many households follow proper maintenance and care routine and don’t neglect it at all. This pretty much keeps the property in order, although there is a big chance to skip some duties and tasks from time to time due to time limits and so. No matter if the house is in fairly good order and condition, or it is neglected for such a long time, it will take us just a few hours to make it look and feel perfect back again. Remember what makes you fall in love with your house the first time you saw it and prepare to see it in the same light once again!

A trusted and experienced cleaning team

Because we have a lot of knowledge and experience accumulated for the decades we are in the Harpenden branch, we can offer a service with a very timely manner. We promise to arrive on time and finish all the tasks on time, however without neglecting any important stage of the process. We pride ourselves on amazing training and the highest quality equipment and these combined with our inner passion and enthusiasm for what we do, we believe is the formula for success and impressive final results. We always tailor our one-off cleaning services to the individual requirements of our clients, however here is what a service mainly includes:

All areas and bedrooms – vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floors, cleaning blinds, windows, curtains, upholstery, frames, skirting boards, doors, light switches, fittings, door handles, walls, windows, mirrors, surfaces, sanitising mattresses, removing rubbish, cobwebs and more;

Kitchens – cleaning cupboards, drawers, surfaces, hob, extractor fan, worktops, sink, de-frosting fridge, de-greasing oven and microwave and more;

Bathrooms – Removing limescale and mould from tiles, taps and fittings, cleaning showers, bathtubs, vanities, mirrors, floors, windows, sinks, toilets and more;

Contact us in case you need additional information and we will respond as soon as possible!