Our upholstery cleaning service can give a real run-down and a new life to every outworn, tired and messy upholstered piece in your house or workplace as well as our carpet cleaning service is a life-saver for carpets. There are many different styles and sizes of upholstered furniture pieces, there are different types of fabrics, different patterns and also stains, dirt and spots with different origin and only the experienced and knowledgeable specialists have the needed expertise to deal with all that and get rid of all the dirt and stains effectively, adding a long-lasting protection and not damaging the delicate nature and structure of the fabrics. In addition, looking for an upholstery cleaning company, you always look for a reliable team that will come and finish on time and will offer professionalism and timely performance at a very affordable price. Now, where to find such a company in Harpenden? Actually, this is an easy question and the best answer we can give you is to contact us at Cleaner Online!

Reducing allergens, bacteria and stress to the minimum

No, this is not the next advertising and very boring text. We are not like that, we have to struggle our way to the top for many years and our reputation is built only on honesty, 100% customer satisfaction and a lot of professionalism we provide our domestic clients with as well as our business customers delivering them bespoke cleaning services for estate agents and office cleaning. We are confident, but not without a reason. We have invested a lot in order to be the professionals and experts we are today. We have researched and improved a lot, in order to be able to deliver the highest quality upholstery cleaning service in the area. We have invested a lot and nowadays we pride ourselves with the best training in the branch, digested very advanced and efficient methods and techniques, which makes our performance also timely and very well-organised and also first class and very innovational equipment and completely safe and non-toxic products.

Perfecting upholstery cleaning since decades

Speaking of innovative equipment, we at Cleaner Online can offer the best upholstery cleaning system in Harpenden. Powerful machines inject effective professional cleaning agents mixed with warm water and then extract them with all the dirt and dust, not leaving any soapy or sticky residue and cutting off the drying time. In addition, these machines are very gentle to the fabrics and upholstery and won’t damage it when sanitising to perfection every inch of the upholstered furniture, curtains, rugs and more.

The professional upholstery cleaning and treatment is capable of restoring the life of the fabrics around your home and will specialise in more than just ridding the furniture of the everyday grime and debris. The professional company will go in depth and get rid of the dirt, which is invisible, but it is there and it creates an unhealthy environment for you, your family, your guests, your clients and more. We are experienced and very qualified, also providing good service in a reasonable time frame and budget, according to your requirements and plans. Cleaner Online is a great opportunity for all Harpenden based clients to experience professionalism and high quality. Be sure to contact us and request more information on 020 3696 9499!